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Dance Music Merch is a creation of Kevin Major. As label boss of Flash Forward Presents, he knows that
“when you work together, the most incredible creations emerge.”

With this statement in mind, in 2021, Dance Music Merch was born.

We do just that, collaborating with the best partners. From the artists in the dance music scene who represent their Brand by creating amazing designs, to the dropshippers who deliver our quality merch to your doorstep.

At Dance Music Merchandise, we’re all about the vibrant fusion of music and fashion within the Dance Music community. Our platform serves two key purposes:

We collaborate closely with talented individuals from the Dance Music scene who bring their creative vision to life through unique designs. From iconic DJ’s to emerging producers, our partnerships result in exclusive merchandise that reflects the energy and spirit of Dance Music.

community platform
Beyond offering stylish apparel and accessories, we provide a dynamic community platform for Dance Music enthusiasts. Our Music Community page serves as a hub for news, releases and upcoming events, ensuring that our visitors are always in tune with the latest happenings in the world of Dance Music.

Whether you’re a designer looking to collaborate or a music lover seeking fresh styles and news, Music Dance Merchandise is your ultimate destination to immerse yourself in the electrifying culture of Dance Music.

Elevate your style and groove with us as we celebrate the fusion of music and fashion.

 Kevin Major (aka major K – BE 0876.215.549)

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